Saturday, May 08, 2004

Tonight, what with Aidan being at college, and Beth, as usual, sleeping over at a friend's house in Otley where she goes to church tomorrow, and Nathan, unusually, sleeping over at a friend's, we have only two children in bed here today - last time that was true it was Aidan and Beth, and they were nearly five and nearly three - for those of you with ONLY two children this is not strange, but it is unusually quiet!!

The party for the folk leaving us for Bonnie Scotland [nr Castle Douglas] was nice, and we saw a few mutual friends we don't see too often, so that was good too. One friend did a very highbrow game - lots of what SHE thought were common proverbs and sayings reduced to the initial letters of each word - e.g. N.L.A.G.H.I.T.M.!! Very hard I can assure you. Well goodnight to all our reader!
Hi, following the lead of Missionary friends in Brazil [Andrew and Cora King], we think there may be two or three of you out there who'd be interested [and amused if we can be witty enough] in hearing our news more frquently, so here is our Blog Site. Easier to organise and maintain than our still-undeveloped website, so maybe we'll keep it updated.

Today all bar Aidan [in Lancaster] met Grandma Severs for her 81st birthday today. Nice lunch in La Piazza in Skipton. Some friends from our church [Hall Green Baptist Chapel, Haworth] are about to move to the wilds of Scotland and are hosting a leaving party at church this evening. They had months of frustration with the Scottish 'sealed bid' method of house-buying, but just as their sale approaches completion this week, they have at last been successful in buying! God's timing is perfect, as usual.

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