Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Well I'm almost as bad at updating our blog site as I am at developing our website, but new things take time to become habits. I've added a counter today to see if anyone is actually viewing our blog site - got to remember to deduct the number of times I check!!

Beth has started her A-level exams and I cooked our first barbecue of the year today! We got the details from Coralie's secondary school today - lots more expense on uniform etc.! She is looking forward to it, but will miss her present school, I'm sure. They were one group responsible for the village's first 'Party in the Park' last Saturday - an excellent day - afternoon of stalls, concerts and Morris Dancing, including the large scale 3-D map-model of the village the school kids had made. Anne got roped into the Morris Dancing! Then in the evening a local 'blues' band played [mostly R&B/popular rock but a bit of real blues too] - very good - just Anne and I went, and danced the night away!

We are gearing up to new cars next week - well we've had the Espace [our 5th] since we moved to Silsden 6 years ago, and no longer need such a large vehicle - so getting a Grand Scénic - still 7 seats but smaller - Anne chose red - so having had the Espace and current Mégane in Lazuli Blue, I thought I'd get a matching car [not new!] off the used car lot - +/- same Mégane [2 years newer] - but in similar met. red. Anne doesn't know about mine yet, so keep it quiet till after next Wednesday - she'll not read this page before then, I hope!! Till next posting, Adieu! Paul