Monday, August 07, 2006

I am still only 'almost' as bad at updating the blog as updating our family website; this is at least my FOURTH post here, whereas the website still only has a home/ welcome page, and I'd guess most if not all the links have by now expired!

Since I am trying again to join the Carey Family Conference blog, and note I can add this as a link, supposing I succeed this time, hopefully you will have chased the link here to see if there's anything worth reading - well it is entitled 'ramblings'! At the request of no more than one person, I am here posting the ABBALEY HALL SINGALONG lyrics, and if I am admitted to the inner sanctum of the CFC spot, I'll copy them there too.

[after Gimme, Gimme, Gimme]:

Half past five and we're sitting at the table, having chilli for tea,
Having just arrived today at Cloverley...........
Suddenly without warning we're surrounded - black and yellow buzzing things
Crawl around our food and threaten us with stings!
Where is the Pest Control?
Get in your van and roll!

Kill me, kill me, kill me a wasp after twilight!
Won't somebody help us drive the menace away?
Kill me, kill me, kill me a wasp after twilight!
Zap the nest now, quick before the end of the day!

[after Waterloo]:

My, my!! Three portaloos this year! We can surrender -
Oh yeah! - to every call of nature day or night; there'll be no queues,
No waiting around in the dark, no hopping around in the cold...............

Portaloos! Without them what would the campers do?
Portaloos promise we'll never have far to go.
Portaloos give us relief when we need them to!
Portaloos serviced twice-weekly, we love you so!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
Portaloos, handy and dandy, those portaloos

[after Fernando]:

Can you hear the drums, Fernandezes?
It's just Aidan's in-car music playing loud for all to hear!
Welcome Paul and Liz Fernandez!
We're so glad to have you camping in your tent with us this year:
You can hear the sound of cattle mooing in the field, and now they're getting near

Happy Birthday Liz Fernandez!
Yet another year has passed and still you come to Cloverley;
And though you're older now Fernandezes,
You can still take part in all the Dutchman's cruel activities:
Passing water overhead and going blindfold through the maze is ecstacy!

Did you hope to see the stars at night, and bright moonlight, Fernandezes?
Instead you had to listen to the rain, the pounding rain, Fernandezes!
And though you had to use the Portaloos, there's no regret:
No doubt you'll come and do it all again, to see your friends, Fernandezes!
No doubt you'll come and do it all again, to see your friends, Fernandezes!