Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Royal Visit.

Not often we get a King visiting us, so to have not 'We three kings' but the 'Four bold Kings' referred to in the 'Eight Days of Carey' at the 1999 Carey Concert, was a boon.

Seriously, it has been a huge joy and pleasure for us to have Andrew and Cora with us as well as Bec and Tom, whom we have seen more frequently since the summer. We learned the game 'Take Two' using Scrabble® tiles, delighted Cora with rice pudding, Eccles cakes and lentil soup, and laughed a great deal, not least at The Two Ronnies, though a few of the topical references in the old 1970s and '80s sketches taxed the memory a bit.

We look forward to seeing you again at Carey in July, and your next visit here, as we are now officially part of the 'northern circuit'! We trust a good New Year celebration will be had by all at Chez Runciman including our Aidan. Who knows, one day we might get to visit you in Brasil!

Wishing our Reader a very Happy new year! Will post again soon.